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Send a Letter of Support

Thank you for your support of DisneylandForward!  Your voice is critical to the future of the Disneyland Resort. With DisneylandForward, and more flexibility within our existing properties, we are poised to create new immersive entertainment, experiences, and adventures for generations to come. If you support the future of magic in Anaheim, make your voice heard by submitting a letter to show your support for DisneylandForward! 

Dear Mayor Aitken and City Council Members:

As an Anaheim resident, I urge you to support DisneylandForward.


DisneylandForward will pave the way for Disney to meaningfully invest in the community for decades, create thousands of jobs for local residents, and infuse the City’s general fund with millions in additional tax revenue every year; with no public subsidy. According to experts, this includes:

  • 8,960 new construction jobs

  • 4,584 new jobs during operation

  • $202 million in additional tax revenue for the city in the first 10 years alone

DisneylandForward also contains a $30 million commitment to fund affordable housing projects in Anaheim within the first five years alone — the first and largest investment in affordable housing for a non-residential project in the City’s history.


DisneylandForward would contribute $85 million to improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety throughout Anaheim — and pave the way for a long-desired pedestrian signal and crosswalk on Walnut Street, enhancing pedestrian access to Magic Way.


I hope you will support DisneylandForward which will directly benefit residents and our city for generations to come.

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