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Leading Together and Focusing Forward

For nearly 70 years, Disneyland Resort has called Anaheim home. Beyond bringing magical experiences to guests from around the world, Disneyland Resort has been on a mission to bring joy and inspiration to the lives of children and families in its community.

Discover some of the ways the resort had a positive impact in Anaheim in 2023:

  • 5,000+ Disney VoluntEARS hours – served on projects directly supporting Anaheim.

  • 4 park beautification projects – in Anaheim as part of the 40th anniversary of Disney VoluntEARS.

  • 80+ mentoring and career development sessions – held for nonprofits and school districts that serve Anaheim students and residents.

  • 15 local nonprofits – received workforce development grants to provide services to Anaheim students and job-seekers.

  • 400 Anaheim Elementary School District students – received supplies to start the school year prepared.

  • 12 students mentored – for six weeks through the Anaheim Union High School District AIME Program.

  • 40,000 children’s books donated – to families, kids and educators at Anaheim Public Library.

We believe in the future of this great city and look forward to even more possibilities in 2024. With continued investment, we can make an even larger impact in our communities, enhance area growth, and help address some of Anaheim’s most difficult challenges.  To discover the exciting possibilities of Disney's future benefits for Anaheim, please visit our Community Benefits page.

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