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Economic Benefits

Disney Investments Mean More Tax Revenue for Anaheim

The independent analysis done by Cal State Fullerton shows that creating new theme park experiences make the biggest impact to drive tourism, create local jobs and increase the average daily rates for hotel rooms, all of which increases tax revenues for Anaheim.

tables Disneyland Resort Anaheim+Cali.png

Independent Economic Analysis

The Woods Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting at Cal State Fullerton’s College of Business and Economics conducted an analysis of the economic benefits of various investment options at the Disneyland Resort, as part of the DisneylandForward project.

For every $1 billion Disney invests in the Disneyland Resort, the community benefits: 

Enabling More Firefighters, Police Officers, Park & Road Improvements

Each time Disney invests $1 billion in creating new theme park and entertainment experiences, it provides new incremental revenue to the City that would be available for new City services and programs that have a direct benefit to Anaheim residents. While ultimately these are City decisions, to understand the magnitude, the tax revenue from each $1 billion investment is equivalent to the following:

Source: CSUF Economic Study.

Source: Based on 2023 City of Anaheim Costs

Four New Fire Companies

Four-acre Park and One Year of Operation Costs

44 New Police Officers

More Than 100 Miles of Road Improvements

Anaheim +OC economics DLF 12.png
Anaheim +OC economics DLF 13.png
Anaheim +OC economics DLF 14.png




When Disney Invests, Anaheim Wins

Hotel taxes represent the largest source of tax revenue for the city, outpacing the revenue generated from sales and property tax combined. Pre-pandemic, Anaheim hotels generated more than $162 million in annual tax revenue for Anaheim.

Anaheim Driving Hotel Revenue.png

From Cars Land to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to Avengers Campus, every time Disney invests in enhancing the theme park experience there is a multiplier effect that increases employment, investment and spending well beyond our gates. 

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