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"There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow...
Just a Dream Away"


A multiyear public planning effort to update Disneyland Resort's land use  approvals


Thinking big and leading the way is both our legacy and our best path forward. Now is the time to be bold, to dream, to believe, and to lead! The Disneyland Resort is poised to create new jobs and revenues for our community as well as new immersive entertainment and experiences for loyal fans and new audiences for generations to come.

Ken Potrock, President, Disneyland Resort

1955 to Today

When Disneyland opened in 1955, no one could have predicted its impact on Anaheim and the world. See how Disneyland Resort has grown.


Disneyland Resort is facing planning restrictions that limit its ability to bring new experiences to the Anaheim Resort. 


With bold planning and leadership, Disneyland Resort could be poised to grow again, bringing jobs and new lands and adventures to Anaheim. 

Discover the Magic of Disneyland Resorts’ Future!

Watch our webinar video now to learn about what DisneylandForward could bring to Anaheim.


Your voice is valuable, and we want to hear from you. Sign up to stay involved. If you’d like to support DisneylandForward, please submit a letter of support. 

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